You simply have to have batteries in the house. Who has not already happened that the remote control no longer worked and you had to take the batteries of another device? Batteries are needed for flashlights, photo flashes, remote controls, pocket radios and much more. If you want to recharge your batteries, then make sure that you choose a rechargeable battery, because normal batteries can only be used once. You can also find them in our assortment under "Battery + Charger".

Batteries are available in different sizes and types (material/content), which you can recognize by the so-called ANSI coding, which consists of letters or a combination of letters and numbers. They differ in size, construction, nominal voltage and capacity. The most known batteries are the AA and AAA batteries, then you have other standard models like C, D and 9V. In addition, there are so-called button cells, which you need, for example, for wristwatches, hearing aids and calculators.

Pay attention to the battery compatibility for your desired device, because, even if batteries look very similar in the first place, it could be a completely different model. You can find batteries from well-known brands such as Varta, Duracell, Energizer, Annsmann and GP Batteries.