Trowels + Spatulas

Trowels and spatulas are indispensable tools for construction and masonry, as well as for finishing and renovation projects. These instruments serve multiple purposes: trowels are primarily employed to apply and smooth materials like mortar, cement, and plaster, while spatulas are essential for filling, scraping, and smoothing surfaces during painting or decorating tasks. Professionals such as builders, plasterers, and painters rely on these tools for achieving a meticulous finish, whereas DIY enthusiasts find trowels and spatulas handy for home improvement projects ranging from retiling a bathroom to repainting a living room.

Our online shop boasts an impressive array of trowels and spatulas from leading brands in the industry. Jung Henkelmann offers top-quality trowels, with the Trowel Jung size 20 being a standout choice for durability and a comfortable grip. Stanley makes precision work easy with their popular Glass scraper, a testament to their commitment to utility and craftsmanship. For those seeking robust preparation tools, BRW’s Sand sieve mesh size 1.5 mm is a reliable option. Kubala steps in with innovative designs like the RINKINY'S INTERCHANGEABLE BLADE SHAFT, which provides versatility for varied tasks. Additionally, Peka Pinselfabrik introduces sophistication to your toolkit with the Japanese spatula set stainless ERGO, featuring ergonomic design for ease of use. Our selection caters to all levels of craftsmanship, ensuring that you have the perfect tool for each specific job.